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  1. ity is the only way to knowledge.

  2.   Individuals should pass a mental capacity test before voting for elections. 

  3.    An open society should have open borders.

  4.    Actors and athletes are being overpaid in contrast to doctors and teachers.

  5.    Computer games do not benefit a person. Instead, it is a complete waste of time?

  6.    We are becoming too dependent on computers and technology. How?

  7.    How do uncertainties influence the common person?

  8.    What is more critical: wealth or happiness?

  9.    How is fashion influencing our values and culture?

  10.   Game of Thrones is depicting the real-world struggles. How?

  11.   Your attitude to getting a tattoo.

  12.   It is okay to use animals for experimenting with beauty products.

  13.   Is the death sentence justified?

  14.   Significance of healthy lifestyle choices.

  15.   Man is not a thing but a creature.

  16.   Parents should give their children certain tasks to perform as it develops a sense of responsibility among them.

  17.   Can listening to music help complete your homework faster?

  18.   Military help should not be mandatory.

  19.   Most of the good jobs are performed by men.

  20.   Nature do create a human, but the society develops him.

  21.   Negotiations with the visitors should not be permitted.

  22.   Our needs are growing only due to unnecessary desires. 

  23.   People will be miserable without society.

  24.   Pros and cons of space exploration

  25.   Should zoos be forbidden?

  26.   Should money be spent on space exploration?

  27.   Should more be done to protect endangered animals?

  28.   Students should be enabled to grade their professors?

  29.   Should students be allowed to have cell phones in high schools?

  30.   Should teachers have to wear uniforms?

  31.   Should there be separate schools for girls and boys?

  32.   The government should allocate taxes on fast food.

  33.   The voting age should be lowered to fifteen.

  34.   Nuclear weapons have greatly affected global peace and stability.

  35.   Television is producing a new modification of culture

  36.   The destruction of the world’s woodlands is certain.

  37.   The FDA proposes to restrict the quantity of nicotine in cigarettes.

  38.   The individuals should have the right to make a decision. Why?

  39.   The senior levels must be profiled

  40.   The United Nations are meant to protect people worldwide.

  41.   The United Nations should improve the security of social rights

  42.   The determination and passion are interlinked

  43.   How online shopping makes me spend more money?

  44.   Importance of learning math for my future career.

  45.   More employment opportunities add to economic advancement.

  46.   Why modifying the historical fact should not be allowed to anyone?

  47.   What age is suitable for dating?

  48.   What are the basic elements of a good film?

  49.   Zoos are seen as significant alternatives to a natural habitat. 

  50.   What things make you feel happy?

  51.   How you came to healthy eating habits?

  52.   How did you celebrate Christmas?

  53.   Male and female roles in your family.

  54.   Your attitude to feminism.

  55.   Explain what does it mean to be a Human.

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