How to Outline an Expository Essay

An expository essay requires students to investigate and explore the topic in depth. The aim is to educate the reader about a particular topic, make a logical argument and defend it using strong evidence. This entire process can be achieved through a number of ways, including definition, compare and contrast, cause and effect, process analysis, etc. Apart of it, you can also get help from write essay for me service online.

This genre of essay follows the typical five paragraph essay outline, consisting of an introduction, body and a conclusion. It typically has three body paragraphs, but they can differ depending on the word count requirements and the complexity of your chosen topic.

Here is how you can outline your expository essay to ensure a logical organization of ideas:

Expository Essay Outline

Having a defined outline acts as a placeholder for the information that you’re going to share in your essay. This helps ensure that you don’t miss out relevant information and that the points are shared in a logical manner.


Start the introductory paragraph with a hook sentence, that will help grab the reader's attention. You can use an enticing anecdote, persona story, statistic, or a shocking revelation. Once you have hooked the reader, provide them with some background information on the topic. Lastly, end the introduction with your thesis statement.


Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that informs the reader of the main point being discussed in that particular paragraph. Next, you must provide your analysis on that point and provide strong authentic evidence to support it. Make sure that each paragraph supports the argument you have made in your thesis statement.


End the essay by restating the thesis and summing up the main points. Also, provide the reader with a call to action.

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